ntro for iPhone 2.2

Connect through your interests


  • Easy to use
  • Import Facebook interests
  • Simple interface


  • Currently only Los Angeles and San Francisco supported
  • Not many users

Very good

ntro is a social networking application that connects people based on their interests.

At the same time, ntro also has another use of connecting users based off secondary profiles like professional and dating. Connected through different interest categories, ntro does not have an expansive number of users quite yet with the application only available in two cities currently: Los Angeles and San Francisco.

ntro also allows for interests to be imported through Facebook, adding categories inside the app. It is simple to use, but limited by the number of current users. As the app is released in more cities, it will be possible to connect through interests around the world, even if visiting different countries.

A great part of ntro is the dedication to privacy with the app not sharing locations and personal information. It even has a “University student” option that only links students through their .edu email addresses.

As ntro expands and more users being to utilize the database, the app could become a great way to communicate with other users with similar interests.

ntro is a great communication tool that will get better as more cities are supported.



ntro for iPhone 2.2

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